Speed bleeders, 7/16″, front disc

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Speed bleeders, 7/16″, front disc. 2 pieces. One of the best ways to preserve your brake system is to bleed the brakes at least once a year. This will place fresh brake fluid in the caliper/wheel cylinders where heat
breaks down the fluid. And it is such a pain in the rear to do, most of us just don?t. Well, here is an invention that makes the process very easy! Replace your bleeder screws with the SpeedBleeders, open the bleeder 1/4 turn, place a hose on the nipple and into a catch cup and pump the brake a few times. The internal check ball allows fluid to escape but prevents back pressure from sucking in air! Close the valve, snugly but not too tight, move to the next cylinder. And as always check your fluid
level before and after bleeding each corner and always use fresh high quality brake fluid from a sealed container.

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